Jennifer started inspiredstar in 2006.  At first, she thought the company should only house her writing. She wrote two screenplays “Where do Broken Hearts Go?” and “Junkie”.  Then she dabbled in writing children’s stories for a storybook app company where she penned out the “Pink Princess”, “Timmy the Time Machine” and “Anything but a Prince.” She returned to her love of telling stories visually and wrote a TV pilot titled “Three Zero”. Currently, she is writing a prequel to her TV pilot called “The Kingston Chronicles”

Now after much consideration, she has decided that inspiredstar will be a platform of all things creative. It will not only house her writing, but feature other creative projects as well.

With a degree in telecommunication with an emphasis in film, Jennifer’s experience in film, television, video, web, live events and party planning have helped shape her confidence in transforming a thought into something tangible. When she is not creating a moment for a party she can be found writing for film and TV or developing children’s stories.

Jennifer is married, the mother of an elementary school age daughter and resides in Berkeley, CA.

1 Response to About

  1. Stephanie says:

    You are amazing Jenn!! You have been a busy momma and creative guru since our time in SS! Hope all of your endeavors are fueling your creativite soul!

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