Hello 2019.  It’s the beginning of a new year.  New resolutions are in action. Vision Boards are created. Goals are established. A fresh clean slate has begun. There is a thought found in the Bible in the book of Matthew that says, “He who is faithful in little will be ruler over much.”

That idea of being faithful in the little seems irrelevant to the big accomplishments in life. Little seems to be insignificant. But if you look at the little as being a bigger part of the whole then you start to recognize that the little is actually really, really big. If my little decisions lead me to a great big wonderful ending then the little decisions matter.

Towards the end of the year, I found that our family as a whole was in full consumption mode. We were bonafide consumers. We were card carrying consumptive monsters. It was as if we were starving and couldn’t get enough. We were clearly not starving.  We were doing whatever it took to get away from the quiet, the boredom and being still. To top it off, I even had that sick ‘I ate too much’ overfull feeling.

I listened to The Rise podcast  and Rachel Hollis who was interviewing a gentleman named Brendan Burchard about forming habits. He mentioned that on average a person watches 4 hours of television a day.  He equated that to 13 years in our lifetime.  That fact smacked me upside the head and I recognized that we were losing years of our life by this little thing we did on a daily basis. I recognized that we needed to change as a family.  It was important for us to be producers not simply consumers. We want to make a mark. We want to create. We want to show up and do something not simply sit by and watch everyone else live life.

So, we decided to make a decision and cut out a night of consumption and dedicate it to creating.  Tuesday creative nights where we turn off the TV and we set our intention to create something together or separately. It was a little decision, but 52 weeks later we will have something to show for it. We also don’t want to be at a four hour consuming pace. No thank you! We wanted to cut that in half. We want to get years back by making a shift in the little that will result in much.

Our first Tuesday night was a complete and total bust.  Yep, a disaster. It was like the creative water wheel in our home was buried in sludge and we spent most of the night trying to dig out the wheel in order to get it to spin.

My husband had an insane sinus infection. My daughter was frazzled from getting back into the routine in middle school. I was disappointed because it was like all of the wind had been sucked out of my sails. But we kept the TV off and we ‘tried’ to be creative. We talked about what we would do creatively.  We went round and round to end up with nothing. Sometimes you got to shake off the rust and start moving the wheel.

The first step was taken. We didn’t cover much distance in production however we have determined that in 2019 we are going to be creative producers not consumptive maniacs.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…

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