The Struggle is Real


IMG_1529I don’t know about you, but when I first get inspired by an idea. I am obsessed. I can’t think about it enough. It takes over and fuels me. I am running on the pure joy of inspiration and then I get when I get down into it the real work and struggle begins…

I remember when I decided that I was going to run a half marathon. I know, I am crazy and nothing close to an athlete. But I wanted to see if I could actually run thirteen point one miles.  There were points during the training and even on race day when the runner’s high was long gone I kept saying to myself, “See that tree just run to the tree. Then I would set my eyes on the next object in front of me until I reached the end of the course.” The truth is that it is easy to start something but can be insanely difficult to cross the finish line.

I recently decided to open up my own Etsy store. I had so much fun doing the creative part, but once I got through to the other side where I had to work out the shipping and marketing and overcome the fear of putting an item on sale. All the luster of the idea became a heavy weight. I was no longer motivated by the sheer thrill of the creative process. I had reached a point where I had to finish out and not move on to the next fun spark.

Trust me, I wanted to be the butterfly and flit off to the next flower. But instead of giving up and leaving another project behind me. I persevered through the minutia. I kept moving through the difficult and boring parts until I completed my party in a box. During Christmas I made my first sale. It was as if I crossed the proverbial creative finish line.

There is a proverb that says, “Good planning and hard work lead to success, but hasty shortcuts lead to ruin.”

Inspiration can carry you so far, but then you have to do the heavy lifting and hard work to finish it out.  Don’t give up. Keep going. It will be worth in the end.


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3 Responses to The Struggle is Real

  1. erinturnley says:

    Oh girl, needed that today! Staring at my computer wanting to kill it trying to upload my database. Sure, I still want to stir a desire for women to stop dreaming of “greige” and walk into their own character and God-planned destiny but God is also allowing me to use my gifts in Real Estate to spread his light…and man, I love it but the stinking database makes me grind teeth!!!!!!

    xoxo E

    By the way, I ALWAYS appreciate your referrals!


  2. Andrea says:

    Amen and good for you! I totally relate.

  3. Dad says:

    Great word of encouragement I loved it!

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