Today I write in pencil


I love to physically write whether it be a list, journal entry, birthday card or my artfully sculpted signature. In a modern world of tweets, posts and electronic signatures I like the art of marking something down that will live on beyond my lifetime and any computer melt down.

Today I chose a pencil. I like that it can erase and the distinct sound it makes as it crawls over my page. The draw back is that it’s permanent mark will fade and it can be erased however accidentally. But it feels nostalgic and free which basically sums up my mindset for today.

Generally I take up my paper mate flair and dominate the page with contrast. But today I feel the whimsy of a pencil.

Today I use my pencil to sketch my plans, tell the story and decorate my blank page that I was here.

What do you like to write with? Do you prefer to type?

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One Response to Today I write in pencil

  1. HWalcott says:

    If with a pencil, then I prefer it be a mechanical one. But my favorite writing tool by far is a liquid gel ink pen – medium or fine.

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