Leave ‘Em Laughing

A good way to make your audience favor your brand is to leave them laughing.  Several studies recorded with the American Psychological Association back it up with science fact.  If you’re old enough you can still remember clearly “Where’s the beef?”, Wendy’s of course circa 1984, and “Punch it Margaret!”,  Toyota circa 1989.  But don’t confuse branding and messaging.  Although humor will leave someone with a positive attitude toward your brand, laughter has not been successfully proven to improve memory.  So remember laughter increases feeling not recall.  Check your goals and if you are looking to leave a positive branding impression on the cerebral cortex of potential customer’s minds remember to deliver a dose of laughter.

Check out these recent excellent examples of laughter and branding working hand in hand:

All State Insurance recently came out with a string of commercials based on when Mayhem happens.   Dean Winters deadpans a toddler in the back seat distracting mommy with all of his antics.  It brings a sense of hilarity to the reality of the life of a mom.  The humor gut checks you to remind you about safety and making sure that you use All State for your insurance needs.  Humor is a good gateway into establishing your brand.

Is the pen mightier than the sword?

You know it’s true… you’d scream too!

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